What is IBM WebSphere MQ Queue Manger ?

A queue manager supervises  and provide queuing services to applications, and manages the queues that belong to them. It offers  queuing services to applications for Message Queuing Interface calls and commands to produce, amend, exhibit, and delete WebSphere MQ objects.
A program should have a relation to a queue manager before it can utilize the services of that queue manager. A program can make  this connection explicitly or implicitly.
Queue manager in IBM WebSphere MQ

There are two types of queues they are Local queue and Remote Queue. When a queue belongs to single queue manager, it is supposed to be local to that queue manager. The queue manager to which an application is associated is said to be the local queue manager for that application. For the application, the queues that belong to its local queue manager are local queues. The other type  remote queue is a queue that belongs to a different queue manager. A remote queue manager is any queue manager other than the local queue manager. A remote queue manager can exist on a remote machine across the network, or may stay on the same machine as the local queue manager. WebSphere MQ supports many queue managers on the same machine.

A queue manager make sure the following actions are executed perfectly:
  • Object attributes are altered with respect to the commands received.
  • Special events like trigger events or instrumentation events are produced when the suitable conditions are met.
  • Messages are placed on the right queue, as asked by the application making the MQPUT call. And make sure that the application is informed if this cannot be done, and an suitable reason code is given.

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