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What is IBM WebSphere MQ Queue Manger ?

A queue manager supervises  and provide queuing services to applications, and manages the queues that belong to them. It offers  queuing s...


How to Use "Shared Channels" in a Queue Sharing Group

When IBM introduced the notion of "shared queues" in WebSphere Message Queue. this allowed organizations the ability for a more ...


IBM WebSphere Message Queue Client Overview

An IBM WebSphere MessageQueue client is part of the IBM WebSphere MQ product that can be installed on its own, on a separate machine from ...


How to Revive WebSphere MQ Channels after time-out

IBM WebSphere MQ channels will be active until the messages flow through them. Once the time out occurs they will switch to the inactive...


IBM WebSphere MQSC Commands

The following are the list of IBM WebSphere MQSC Commands: RUNMQLSR - MQ TCP listener (multi-threaded) AMQCLMAA - MQ TCP listener (...


Key Resources in IBM WebSphere MQ

What is IBM WebSphere MQ | Message Queue and what does it do? IBM WebSphere MQ | Message Queue stands for MESSAGE QUEUEING. This IBM ...


Shared Message Datasets

Shared Message Datasets: Up to now shared message queues and their message data have been stored in structures that are built in the Cou...

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